Kidd + Zigrino  offer you various machine concepts and perfect solutions for preparation of colour for textile printing. It is up to you to make the best choice according to your needs, strategic aims and production requirements. All the machines are tried and tested Kidd+Zigrino quality.

>>Gum Thickener Preparation Unit

>>Gum Thickener Storage Tanks/Dispensing System

>>Colour Preparation Units

>>Colour Tub Roller Conveyor Unit

We offer various models of colour mixer/homogenizing units suitable for diffferent production requirements.   

>>0.25 Laboratory Mixers/Homogenizers

>>0.5 Laboratory Mixers/Homogenizers

>>2 Hp Colour Mixers/Homogenizers

>>5 Hp Colour Mixers/Homogenizers

>>7 Hp Colour Mixers/Homogenizers 

>>Colour Tubs Lifter and Vacuum Filtering Units

>>Colour Tubs Washing Machines

>>Portable Pumping Stations

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