Colour Preparation Equipment
Colour Tub Lifter and Vacuum Filtering Unit
For high speed filtering of printing colour paste

Available in 2 models to accommodate various production requirement.

 Type I) High Production Model
 Suitable for maximum dimension of colour tubs: 55 cm Dia x 85 cm High
 Type I) Low Production Model
 Suitable for maximum dimension of colour tubs: 40 cm Dia x 65 cm High
  • Colour paste emptied into robustly constructed stainless steel vacuum vessel using motorized tub lifting/tilting platform
  • Traveling carriage connected via Chain/Chain-wheels to an AC. Motor-geared Drive Unit, retaining an electro-magnetic brake, enabling colour tubs to accurately dispense the colour paste into the vacuum filtering unit
  • Tub lifting/tilting unit, adequately guarded with stainless panel sections for safe tilting of colour tubs
  • Equipped with an adjustable tubs retainer bar for safe tilting of the various sizes of colour tubs
  • Vessel retaining a cone-shaped inlet section with a filter screen aperture for depositing the colour paste from the tub lifting/tilting platform.
  • Vessel with a heavy duty door and a series of conveyor rollers for access and support of the recipient colour tubs,
  • Inclusive of a high speed vacuum pump, and inter-changeable filter screen-mesh elements
  • Vessel with a dished bottom section with drain valve system to facilitate the washing-down operation.
  • Operator Safety 24 V. Control board

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