Thermotex  Continuous Steamer/Polymerizing Unit

Suitable for small capacity steam ageing/polymerizing operations

Type: J Scray Fabric accumulator system for up to 40m capacity

  • For Printed fabric to enter into steamer/polymerizing chamber with minimum tension, allowing to cascade into purposely designed J scray fabric accumulator
  • Capable of containing up to 40m of fabric for the continuous processing of printed fabric
  • Pre-set running speed of machine automatically control duration time of fabric passing within steam chamber
  • Double walled stainless steel vessel retaining steam saturator system for controlling the set humidity factor
  • Retaining a closed coil steam heating arrangement to prevent formation of condensation (water drop)
  • Robust perforated stainless steel sheet suitably covered with PTFE/fiberglass mesh membrane formatted into J scray to retain up to 40 m of fabric
  • Fabric ahesion to entry roller is eliminated
  • Equipped with steam exhaust system to remove spent/contaminated steam for steam chamber
  • For operational conveniences, a combined frontal entry&delivery arrangement is available on request

For polymerizing at high temperature

  • Electrical steam super heater system can be supplied as optional extra for high temperature polymerizing requirements
  • Complete with valves and electronic swithgear arrangement to automatically control set temperature of up to 190 °C


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