Printing Tables and Ancillary Equipment

Rotary Screen Washing Machines

Available in 2 models

Type I) Single

For automatic washing of 1 rotary screen up to 110 cm repeat

Type II) Double

For automatic simultaneous washing of 2 rotary screens up to 72 cm repeat or 1 rotary screen up to 110 cm repeat

  • High quality stainless steel wash tank
  • Completely automatic washing cycle once screen(s) are placed onto the machine
  • Nylon bristled brushes support and rotate screen(s) whlist being thoroughly spray-washed internally and externally by special high pressure fan type water jets
  • Screen thrusting arrangement enacts a reciprocating scrubbing action of soft nylon brushes onto screen(s)
  • A soft start brush drive system ensuring delicate handling of screen motion
  • Electric solenoid valve for isolating sprays when wash individual screen
  • Electrical control panel housing proces timer


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