Printing Tables and Ancillary Equipment

Fabric Suction Units

For effective removal of lint and dust particles in an in-line operation

Available in 2 models

 Type I) Single Sided Suction Unit

 Type II) Doubled Sided Suction Units 
  • Applicable to printing to dyeing, printing and other finishing operation
  • High flow suction fan for creating required vacuum/suction force for removalof lint/dust particles from fabric processed at high speed 
  • A rigidly fabricated enclosed vacuum/suction chamber
  • Series of stainless steel square hollow sections within fabricated framework for minimal direct contact with fabric and suitable spaced to allow vacuum/suction force to remove loose lint and dust from fabric being passed 
  • 5 Hp motor to create good suction force 
  • Complete with ducting arrangement for retaining the dust/lint collection bags ( 30 cm Dia, 150 Long)
  • 180 mm wide suction grid surface
  • Adjustable blacking arrangement to suit varying fabric width
  • The suction unit fabricated from heavy duty galvanized steel with vacuum/suction chamber upper side for connection of suction fan units
  • Type II) contains 2 opposed faced singled sided suction units with each suction unit complete with relating ducting and adjustable blanking arrangement to suit varying fabric width


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