Colour Preparation Equipment

Gum/Thickener Storage Tanks/Dispensing System

For gum/thickener storage and transferring gum/thickener to storage tanks and transferring gum/thickener to dispensing station at the colour preparation/mixing point


  • Gum/thickener 2 ton capacity stainless steel storage tanks 
  • Electronic safety sensors to automatically stop the pumping station when the selected storage tank is full
  • Sophisticated in-feed selector valve station for feeding the gum/thickener paste into the selected storage tank
  • Safety limit switches for the selection of an alternative empty storage tank before the pumping station can re-start
  • Inclusive of a ball valve branch with connection to mixing vessel for recycling of the paste whilst mixing, and a ball valve branch for the system washing-off purposes
  • Pneumatic actuated diaphragm pumps for dispensing the gum/thickener paste from the storage tanks to the dispensing station stands.
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