Colour Preparation Equipment
Colour Tubs Washing Machines
For fast and effective cleaning of colour tubs/containers

Available in 2 models

Type I) Single 

To wash one-60 kg or 120/150 kg colour tub/container

Type II) Mini-Duo

To wash simultaneously two-25 kg, or 60 kg colour  tubs/containers

  • Cabinet equipped with nylon bristled brushes inclusive of pressurized water spray system ensuring thorough cleaning of colour tub/container(s)
  • Brushes arranged to simultaneously brush clean the internal and external sections of the colour tub/container(s)
  • Wash cabinet door, retaining a flat nylon bristled brush, operated by a pneumatic actuator, for cleaning of colour tub/ container(s) 's base section
  • Lower water consumption to wash dirty colour tubs
  • Each brush mounted in stainless steel sealed bearing housings, carried from a heavy duty stainless steel back plate, separating the wash cabinet from the control cubicle


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