Printing Tables and Ancillary Equipment

Rotary Screen Printing Tables

Magnetic Sqeegee system

  • Multi-ply printing blanket complete with tensioning beams and blanket support rails
  • Printing head/carriage guide runner rails arrangement
  • Printing head/carriage  variable speed drive motor
  • Stainless steel splash guards
  • Guttering arrangement to drains for washing off purposes
  • Adjustable rotary screen tensioning unit retaining a quick release clamping system to accommodate varying screen length
  • Motorized gear-rack system for centering the repeats of the rotary screens
  • Remote auxilliary operator control panel for controlling the electrical and pneumatic parameters
  • Electromagenetic beam fitted with series of magnetic coils and enclosed in a heavy duty aluminium housing, coils being fed with rectified supply from a transformer having 5 steps control 


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