Printing Tables and Ancillary Equipment

Drier/Curing Oven

For piece printed fabrics

Type: Infrared heated modules, 100 cm & 150 cm wide conveyor

          600 cm long- 5 modular infra-red drier unit, 30 kw.

  • A 100 cm or 150 cm wide PTFE coated open meshed conveyor belt
  • Suitable for temperature up to 190 °C
  • Stainless steel support frame
  • Retain adjustable conveyor guide 
  • Conveyor drive roller with opposed tensioning roller arrangement
  • Drive to conveyor belt via AC inverter variable speed motor gear
  • Equipped with infrared drier units and exit cooling fan arrangement
  • Infrared heater supported within each reflector capsules, set temperatures precisely controlled by special electrical instrument
  • Insulated with series of detachable exterior panel sections retaining 100 mm thick rock wool insulating fiber
  • Equipped with exhaust fan system with adjustable air-ducting arrangement


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