For the continuous fixation of all classes of dyes on all known fabrics by passing the fabric in loop form through saturated steam at 102 °C or through thermal oil heated air/steam recirculating system up to 190°C.

Machines Specification:

  • Fabric capacity available 120-140 m.
  • Fabric widths available 180-400 cm.
  • Controlled dwell speed range 4-45 m/min
  • Average steam consumption 450-850 kg/hr
  • Temperature when working in saturated steam conditions 102-104 °C
  • Temperature with optional extra air/steam recirculating system up to 190 °C
  • Printed Fabric is guided with minimal tension through the machine into steamer chamber forming hanging loops of programmed lengths 

Machine Features:

  • Purposely designed stainless steeel loop carrier rollers covered with fiberglass material to prevent moisture formation and slippage of fabrics
  • Loop carrier rollers automatically rotate allowing fabric to continually advance on the loop carrier rollers ensuring total fabric conditioning uniformity is achieved by allowing all fabric to pass through all same steaming conditions within steaming chamber
  • Machine's pre-set running speed automatically control intended duration time of fabric within steam chamber which is being delivered to plaiter exit chamber
  • Series of electro-magnetic cluthes operate fabric loop formation system preventing electro-static contact and adhesion of fabric loops (especially required when processing polyester fabrics)
  • Base frames are purposely raised to enable fabrics to pass underneath the steam chamber whenever rollers in the steam chamber need to be cleaned 
  • Reduce possibility of air entering into steam chamber which causes oxidation of dyestuff
  • Combined frontal entry and delivery system is available on request-suitable for woven fabrics due to increased fabric tension
  • Easy and safe access into steam chamber for required servicing purpose
  • Controllable uniform steam vapour acheived through sophisticated steam flow input control system
  • Controllable humidity factor in steam chamber  
  • Make use of input steam to generate required treated water necessary for maintaininh constant humidity lever factor without need of external contaminated water
  • Steam flow input control system is suitably arranged to equally deliver selected pre-set amount of steam to each panel section
  • Prevent formation of condensation (water drop) on steam chamber roof panels
  • Stainless steel exhaust sytem automatically remove spent/contaminated steam from chamber, preventing exothermal reaction of printed dyestuff
  • Purposely designed circulating fans ensuring even distribution of steam/air medium within steam/polymerizing chamber 
  • Accurately maintain selected set temperature required for processing specific types of fabrics

Thermal-oil heating control system:

  • For operating at high temperature  up to 190 °C
  • For processing various types of fabrics/dyestuffs requiring high temperatures
  • Automatic valve arrangment to equally deliver thermal oil to suitably located eat exchangers within steam/polymerizer chamber to heat air/steam medium to required set temperature 


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