Printing Tables and Ancillary Equipment

Colour Sample Printing Machines

Suitable for colour matching printing results on fabrics at the preparation stage of the print pastes.

Type:  Electro-Magnetic Squeegee System

Available in 3 models depending on print size

 Print Size: 50 cmx 50 cm

 Print Size: 50 cmx 70 cm
 Print Size: 100 cmx 100 cm
  • Reproduce the characteristics of production machine to eliminate downtime waste in correcting colour matching effects on fabric to be printed
  • Drive to magnetic squeegee beam from a variable speed A.C. controlled motor geared unit, for speed range of 0-14 m./min.
  • One set of squeegee bars (6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm Diameter)
  • A contex 3, PVC coated polyester print blanket, complete with tensioning arrangement.
  • A robustly fabricated steel frame, forming the print table unit, complete with Electro-Magnetic Squeegee Beam carried on linear bearings from heavy duty guide bars.


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