Rotary Screen Preparation Equipment

Rotary Screen End Ring Gluing Machine

For precise and secure insertion of end rings into rotary screens

Available in different sizes to accommodate various rotary screens sizes/printing width

  • Rigid steel framework retaining 6 adjustable base frames, withheld on series of linear bearing, running on precision ground guide rails
  • 2 end base frames retaining self centered chucks for firmly witholding aluminium end rings in precise alignment for insertion into rotary screens
  • Adjustable base frames equipped with release clamping system, enabling the insertion of the aluminium end rings 
  • 2 middle section base frame for retaining interchangable clamping unit providing safety support rotary screens during the insertion of the end rings
  • A purposely designed electrical heating elements for drying the applied adhesive onto the rotary screens to retain the end rings 
  • Accommodate varying rotary screens lengths and repeat sizes

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