Colour Preparation Equipment

Gum/Thickener Preparation Unit

For effective homogenization of gum/thickener paste and controlling viscosities requirement

Type: Single 1 Ton Mixing Tank, Pneumatic Mixer Lift System

Comprising of

  • Heavy duty stainless steel 1-Ton capacity tank 
  • Heavy duty steel mixer lifting  unit retaining a traveling carriage lift mechanism for accepting high speed mixer/homogenizer unit 
  • Dual automatic/manual mode of raising and lowering mixer/homogenizer unit
  • 2 speed 25 Hp motor coupled to a robust stainless steel mixer head fitted with special mixer/homogenizer blade ensuring  fast and effective homogenization 
  • Paste Recirculating System whilst Mixing of the Paste
  • Pneumatic diaphragm pumping station complete with quick release interchangable In line filter unit for transferring the gum/thickener paste to storage tanks
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